At last, a book on Radstock!

Although Radstock has been the home, for over 15 years, of the extensive collection of artifacts associated with the former Somerset Coalfield; and many articles about the town and its people have appeared in the Museum Society’s Five Arches magazine, no single publication on the town has ever been available.
Visitors to the Museum frequently asked for more information about the hometown of their forebears.

A group of  Museum Volunteers were frustrated by this omission so they got together and, taking a section each, wrote a résumé of the history of Radstock charting as it moved from a village to become a town; celebrating its people, buildings and industries.

The history of the town is brought to life with relevant articles reprinted from Five Arches magazine, the History Journal of the Radstock, Midsomer Norton and District Museum Society, personal memories from Museum Volunteers  and additional items from the Society’s Archive.

The result is the new book “Radstock Reminisces”.

Museum Volunteers involved with this project are:

Irene Burchell
Isobel Cheetham
Marcia Davis
Dave Jones
Anne Miall
Jacqui Peterssen
Nick Turner
and Valerie Webster.

Local historian, Dennis Chedgy, gave freely of his knowledge and supplied many of the photographs.

Julie Dexter, editor of Five Arches Journal, allowed the authors to reprint many articles and photos whilst also advising them over the technicalities of producing a book.

The Radstock Town Council have generously contributed towards the cost of printing.

“Radstock Reminisces” is now available for purchase in the Museum Bookshop, price £15. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Radstock Museum.