For summer 2018:

The Story behind the competition………………………..

In August 2017, during a community litter clear-up behind St Nicholas’ Church, in the riverside area known as Snailsbrook where coalminers used to clean up after a hard shift down the pit, a mysterious item was found in the riverbed silt. It was later discovered that the item was a miner’s hobnail boot…………….

Who owned it?

How did it get there?

What was its history?

What happened next?

How did the Miner lose his boot?


This is the subject of our new Children’s Creative Writing competition for the summer of 2018.

For children of all ages: Tell us in your own words.

For full details of the Competition, Term and Conditions, guidelines for submission, notes about the judging and the prize etc. you need to look at this document (can be downloaded).

Creative Writing ‘Miner’s Boot’ competition guidelines


How did the Miner lose his boot?