In April the Funeral Bier was moved to a new location adjacent to the mine; a much more appropriate place as it now depicts the death of a coal miner with a simple bunch of flowers on the coffin, no posh wreath. A very poignant touch is a small bunch of bluebells on the Bier as if put there at the last minute by the child of the poor miner in the coffin.

Moving the Bier meant we could re-position the Co-op Bread Van: and now we could get a horse to put between the shafts f the van. The horse is on loan from a local carnival club.

The Museum’s development coordinator, Miranda Litchfield with a little help from her dad, gave the horse a wonderfully authentic makeover, including a thick mane and tail, and Martin Horler, a Museum Trustee and costume historian extraordinaire,  acquired a complete set of Vanner harness for our horse.


In April 2017 we got a horse!