Radstock Museum is delighted to have a series of experts join us to share their interests on Saturdays throughout August.

The programme will run from 2-4pm on Saturdays, for all visitors to chat to, see demonstrations and experiment.

AUGUST 24th: FOSSIL IDENTIFICATION with Simon Carpenter and Richard Ashley: 11:30am until 2pm

Bring your fossil treasures to the Museum to find out what they are.

Local fossil expert and collector, Simon Carpenter, together with Richard Ashley will be at the Museum between 11:30am and 2pm to help identify any rocks, fossils or minerals you may have.

Simon will be bringing a selection of his own fossils to show our visitors and there will be a number of fossils to give away.

Simon, who has a some fossils named after him including a large sea-going reptile, says “I’ve been collecting fossils all my life and always keen to see what others have found. We are particularly lucky to be living in an area with such a rich geological history. Within a stones’ throw of Radstock we have rocks that cover almost 400 million years of Earth’s history. So, I would encourage you to come in and bring any rocks, fossils or minerals you have, that need a positive identification”.

If you do come into Radstock Museum with your objects, you may be asked to leave them on loan for a month if they are unusual or rare and the museum may display them securely before returning them to you. This would only happen with your agreement.

AUGUST 24th: THE MILESTONE SOCIETY with Janet Dowding & Richard Raynsford: 2.0 until 4.0pm.

Unlike listed buildings, milestones are usually too small to have their own ‘Friends’. Since 2001, the Milestone Society’s volunteers have been collating information on milestones and learning the most appropriate ways of caring for these quirky lumps of rock and rusting metal sitting quietly by the wayside. Way markers are fast disappearing; around 9000 are thought to survive in the UK. Most were removed or defaced in World War II to baffle potential German invaders and not all were replaced afterwards. Many have been demolished as roads have been widened, or have been victims of collision damage, or have been smashed by hedge-cutters or flails. Janet & Richard will showcase the work of the Milestone Society in preserving these transport treasures.


AUGUST 24th : FIMO FUN with Sue Mills: 2.0 until 4.0pm.

Sue works with Fimo, a form of polymer clay that was the first modelling clay that could be hardened in the oven.  Originating in Germany, it was initially considered by world-famous doll maker, Kathe Kruse, who wanted to be able to add as much detail as possible to a doll’s heads.

 As you can see from Sue’s work, it allows for creating intricate designs, fun shapes and a fabulous array of products,  some of which will be on show at the museum. 

Fimo on Wikipedia