Last week two images of the “Volcano” Batch at Paulton were chosen by a panel of judges to become new postcards for the local area.
Over 40 entries of stunning photographs and beautiful artworks of Old Mills Colliery Batch were received by Radstock Museum in a competition to find a new image to represent our mining heritage here in Somerset. This historic landmark is one of just a handful of visible reminders that the Somerset Coalfield ever existed.

The winning entries were chosen by Will Nicol and Anna Barclay local professional photographers, and Miranda Litchfield, Art Graduate and Museum Development Coordinator (following local artist Roger Jones withdrawing from the judging panel due to un-foreseen circumstances on the day of judging). The images were chosen on the basis that they were the most striking for the purpose of postcards. Other entries were considered in equally high regard, but were thought to be less suitable as postcards.

The winners have been notified and an exhibition of all the entries is now on show at the Museum.

This exhibition will remain throughout the summer.

The images chosen to become postcards are being printed and will soon be available to buy in the Museum shop.

Original images can be collected from the Museum; ideally ring first on 01761 437722 and give your name so that your entry can be ready for you on arrival at reception.

The Results are In