Mail Order.

The Volunteers at the Museum Shop offer an old fashioned Mail Order service. You identify the book or item that you want, we tell you the total cost(**) including postage (*), you send us the money and we then post it to you.

How to Order.

This is best and most quickly achieved via email to but you could also telephone us on 01761 437722 and leave a message to which we will respond in due course.

State in your email or phone message:
• Your name and telephone number (and e mail address if phoning).
• Your own address.
• The address you would like the package delivered to, if different.
• Whether you will pay by cheque in the post or using PayPal (the fastest method).

You do not need to hold or sign up to a PayPal account to do this –you can use the GUEST option. It is secure and easy to pay this way.

We check our stock and calculate the appropriate postage cost based on second class post.*

If you choose PayPal we will generate a PayPal invoice and you will receive this by email. When you get the invoice the amount that you see will be the cost of your purchase(s) including the postage cost.
If you choose cheque, we will advise you of the total cost* by e mail, phone or post.

By either method, when we receive the money we will send out the package and alert you by e mail or phone that it has been dispatched.
Should your order not arrive within a week of the dispatch date please contact us, by e mail if possible.
* On the website all items are priced exclusive of postage. They will be posted to you at their individual actual postage costs by second class post, which can be established once you have made your selection. We do not charge for packing.

** We aim to keep the website up to date with respect to both the Shop stock and the prices. However things do change and sometimes the website doesn’t keep up or is just plain wrong. The webmaster apologizes if this happens.

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