Issue 92: Winter 2018. Available from the Museum shop for £4.00

• The end of another season at the museum.
• The return of peace, November 1918.  Keith Trivett.
• Suffrage and Socialism, Pt2: Constance ‘Joan’ Beauchamp. Tom Randall.
• It’s all in the name…… Editor.
• Rambling a foreign field. Kate Pritchard and Dawn Townsend.
• “Great- Great Grandma was born here”.  Anne Miall.
• Was the workhouse ever fit for purpose? Trisha Heckbert.
• Working for Radstock Co-op.  Geoff Weekes and Anny Northcote.
 The Reverend Gardner, Rector of Radstock 1888 -1917. Nick Turner.
• The range in the miner’s cottage.  Diane Toogood and Pauline Smith.
• The 30th annual miner’s reunion.  Julie Dexter.
• How did the miner lose his boot? Evelyn Boyd.

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