five-arches-txted-button3The success of Five Arches lies in the quality and diversity of the material provided by its contributors. Here we tell you how articles start, and what form they come in.

The production team develops ideas for articles; which are then designated to a team member who explores and writes up the feature. Readers can suggest ideas for the team to research and write features on. Material for such ideas can also be sent in, such as press cuttings and letters.
Completed articles can be submitted by readers and visitors of the Museum, based on their own experiences or research.

If you have an idea for a future article, or would like to write for us, please contact a member of the Production Team via the Museum or the Contact Us page.

Accepted Document Formats

We accept the following formats for articles / research materials:

•Hand-written text

•Typed on a typewriter

•Hard copies of word-processed documents

•On CD or USB (memory) stick

•Email – please contact:


For anyone interested in contributing to future issues, copy deadlines are:

Easter: January 30th

Summer: April 30th

Winter: September 30th

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