Issue 104: Easter 2024: Available from the Museum shop for £4.50

Issue No. 104 has the following articles;

Issue 104: Easter 2024. Available from the Museum shop for £4.50

• No such thing as a noble lady of leisure. Gill Hogarth.

• Edward Maunsell House and the Great War. Alan Shearn.

• Memories of the Wagon Works. Isobel Cheetham.

• Notes on coal mining in Twerton, Bath. Robert G Naish

• Rambling the Coal Canal. Tracy Craven.

• Paranumismatica Part 7: Miscellanea and recent finds. Tom Randall.

• The Coleford Comforts Fund. Pt 3; Albert John Treasure. Julie Dexter.

• From the Archives: a map of Somerset. Simon Carter.

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