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Issues published in 2010

Issue 69
•Paulton Methodist Archives – Nicola Simmons et al.
•The Battle of the Somme 1916 – Cliff Jones
•The Dunkirk Spirit – Inger M Fleischer
•Counting the Cost – David Strawbridge
•The Christmas Tragedy – Keith Trivett
•The Miners’ Reunion – Various.
•18th century Radstock Ramble – Dennis Chedgy and John West.
•Midsomer Norton Connections of Evelyn Waugh – Monica Evans.
•Clandown 1940-1948, Pt 3 – James Young.
•Tales from the Workhouse, story of Joyce Bryant – Isobel Cheetham.
•A Lady’s Commonplace Book – May Ashley.
•The Two Anglican Mission Churches of Midsomer Norton – David Strawbridge.

Issue 68
•Monica Evans – Midsomer Norton connections of Evelyn Waugh.
•Judith and Nick Cannell with Isobel Cheetham – Somerset Lad in Australia.
•Nancy Cawthorne – Requiem for the Saddler.
•Derek Hunt – William Bees VC, “a proper rough diamond.”
•James Young – Clandown 1940 to 1948, Pt 2.
•Ninety Years Young – Timsbury Male Voice Choir.
•Ann Miall, Dinah Read and Dave Jones – Tales from the Workhouse.
•Gary Chedgy – Development of Miner’s Safety Lamp, Pt 7.

Issue 67
•Audrey McInnes nee Chedgy – Waterloo Road, personal recollections.
•Isobel Cheetham – Free trip to Australia, story of a Somerset lad.
•Dr Paul Carter and Natalie Whistance – Living the Poor Life.
•Dennis Chedgy – Mystery ramble to Radstock Carnival.
•James Young, Clandown 1940-1948.
•Allan Witcombe – Moorewood Collier: new perspective.
•Trial and execution of James Lines, 1837.
•Joe Roberts – Memories of Bevin Boy.
•Gary Chedgy – Development of miner’s safety lamp, Pt 6.

Issues published in 2009

Issue 66
•21st Miners’ Reunion
•Alastair Warrington – ‘The History of the Somerset Coalfield’ and how it all started
•Bob Parsons – Brick making and brick works in North Somerset
•Joe Roberts – Memories of a Bevan Boy, Pt.4: the dangers
•Living the Poor Life: Update
•Keith Trivett – A ramble from High Littleton to Timsbury
•Cynthia Crocker nee Janes –The Timsbury Male Voice Choir: 1921- 2003
•Gary Chedgy – The development of the miners’ safety lamp, Pt.5: detonation and detection
•Pamela Turner – Memories of War: 1939- 1945
•Derek Hunt – A bedside investiture: Oliver Brooks V.C.

Issue 65
•Joseph Melling – Shadows of doubt: Somerset miners and the struggle for compensation rights for silicosis suffers
•Derek Woodland – In search of Selina
•Joe Roberts – Memories of a Bevan Boy, Pt.3: the Union
•Museum Society Archives – A few lines on the opening of the Camerton Railway
•Gary Chedgy – The development of the miners’ safety lamp, Pt.4: testing times
•Keith Trivett – Rambles to High Littleton
•Dennis Parsons – The Sea Dragons of Somerset, Pt. 2: the ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs
•Pneumoconiosis and its effect,Pt.3
•Museum Society Archives – The Bell Inn Friendly Society and Generations of the post masters
•Julie Dexter – Living the Poor Life Pt.2: The New Poor Law

Issue 64
•Rocks and sea monsters: a special exhibition
•Dennis Parsons – The Sea Dragons of Somerset, Pt. 1
•Joe Roberts – Memories of a Bevan Boy, Pt.2: Pensford
•Dick Graham – One year in Peasdown St John, 1891
•Keith Trivett – Ramble from Hallatrow to Paulton Halt
•Pneumoconiosis and its effect, Pt.2
•David R. Boswell – The Barony Colliery A-frame
•Gary Chedgy – The development of the miners’ safety lamp, Pt.3: variations on a theme
•Mary Barnett – From the Museum Archives: Family connections in Welton


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