Back Issues are available and can be purchased from the Museum: photocopies are usually available if any issue is out of print.
Please come into the Museum during normal opening hours, or send your enquiries to
Dick Graham at c/o Radstock Museum, Waterloo Road, Radstock, BA3 3EP. or email

Issues published in 2012

Issue 75
•Coleford Church School in the Nineteenth Century: Pt 2 The Staff – Sarah Villiers
•Ramble Around Clutton – Lena Church & Dennis Chedgy
•Darling Jack & Dearest Grace, the effect of child death on one family – Isobel Cheetham
•History of the Jolliffe Hylton family and Ammerdown Park, Pt 3 – Keith Trivett
•Making the Film of ‘The Ghost Train’ – C.S. Locke
•Celebrating our Volunteers – Julie Dexter
•The Lost Mine – David Strawbridge

Issue 74
•From Boy to Man in the Somerset Coalfields – Bryn Hawkins
•Coleford Church School in the Nineteenth Century: Pt 1 The Scholars – Sarah Villiers
•Rambles Around Paulton, Pt 3 – Anne Miall and Dennis Chedgy
•History of the Joliffe Hylton family and Ammerdown Park, Pt 2 – Keith Trivett
•Emigrating to Canada – Stephen Biggs
•Patchwork and Quilting Exhibition
•Our Nige – Chris Howell
•Farewell and Thank You (various memories of recently departed Museum folk)

Issue 73
•Redfield Road Reflections – Diane Shearn
•Remembering the 1948 Olympics – Rita Miller
•Commemorating the Titanic- Wendy Walker
•From the South Pole to Holcombe – Keith Trivett
•The Jolliffes of Ammerdown Park – Keith Trivett
•Patchwork and Quilting Exhibition
•How Geology Shaped our Mines, Pt 2 – Alan Bentley
•Rambles Around Paulton, Pt 2 – Anne Miall & Dennis Chedgy

Issues published in 2011

Issue 72
•Norton Hill School’s Centenary
•How Geology Shaped Our Mines
•Peasedown St John in 1911
•Bertha Lawrence
•Rambles Around Paulton
•Resisting the 1902 Education Act
•The 23rd Miners’ Reunion
•The Seymour Soldiers
•Celebrating Richard Maggs

Issue 71
•Childhood games
•Rorke’s Drift survivors
•A tale of midwifery
•Perspex over Peasedown
•Measuring time
•An 1830s ramble to Coleford Part 2
•More tales from the workhouse
•Double Hills revisited
•The King James Bible
•Quarry plants

Issue 70
•Richard Rogers of High Littleton.
•The original ‘yellow submarine’.
•Medical negligence and the poor law.
•Hallatrow and High Littleton: the 1901 Census.
•George Prowse, V.C.
•An 1830s ramble to Coleford.
•Balloon pioneer, Patrick Alexander.
•Memories of May Ashley, Pt, 2.
•St Nicholas Church, Radstock.


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