The Museum shop carries a small selection of children’s books directly related to a child’s visit to the Museum. They are wonderfully educational souvenirs of your visit and also make good presents for Christmas or birthday: from parents and grandparents, and aunties and uncles too.

The “You Wouldn’t Want to Be……” books are just the right mixture of facts and fun. They feature full-colour illustrations which combine humour and  accurate technical detail.

You wouldn’t want to be a Victorian miner £6.99 by John Malam.

As a man brought up a British coal-mining village in the 1860s, you have to endure the dangers and difficulties of working underground in a  Victorian mine. Find out how pit ponies are used, how the coal is mined, and how to survive deep underground. You’ll soon learn that you really wouldn’t want to be a Victorian miner!

You wouldn’t want to be a Victorian Schoolchild £7.99 by John Malam.

This book reveals that growing up in Britain in the 1880s wasn’t easy. For a young child in school the going is tough and the punishments are hard. Readers will follow the experiences of Victorian schoolchildren and will learn some top tips on survival at school. Suddenly modern-day school won’t seem quite so bad, as readers discover that they really wouldn’t want to be a Victorian schoolchild!

You wouldn’t want to a Victorian servant £6.99 by Fiona Macdonald.

This book warns young readers to get ready… as a 12-year-old girl living in Britain in the 1880s, you are about to start work for a wealthy family. You will be busy all day long as a Victorian servant. The humorous illustrations make learning fun, and encourage young readers to engage with the central servant character.

Mail Order.

The Volunteers at the Museum Shop offer an old fashioned Mail Order service. You identify the book or item that you want, we tell you the total cost including postage, you send us the money and we then post it to you.

How to use Radstock Museum Mail Order.

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