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Killed in a Coalpit II; Lives of the Somerset Colliers by D.P. Lindegaard. £25.00

This book is a companion study to ‘Killed in a Coalpit – the lives of the Kingswood miners of the Bristol coalfield’. It focuses on the tragic loss of life in the Somerset Coalfields but also uncovers many colourful doings above ground, and includes the lives and roles of women in the coal mining districts who were, as a general rule, even more forgotten than the men.

It will provide a useful tool for researchers and for others and will act as a reminder of times past, both good and bad.

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The History of the UK’s First Decimal coin 1968 – 2022.

This is a newly published coin reference book published on-line by Brushwood Coins of Bath. For a donation, a minimum of £5,  to Somerset Coalfield Life at Radstock Museum  you will receive a token which allows access to the download.

This is only available by personal application at the Museum Shop; not available by Mail Order.

The Somerset and Dorset: The Postwar Years. By Adrian Kennedy. £11.99

This book incorporates 60 mainly unpublished black & white photographs covering the last two decades of the Somerset & Dorset.

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Twenty circular walks near Timsbury by Peter Bradshaw, Larry Cunningham and Sue Fraser. £6.

The team of Peter Bradshaw, Larry Cunningham and Sue Fraser have produced another in their popular series of local walking books. Their books combine excellent directions, maps and photographs together with a lot of information about the area around each walk. On sale now in the Museum priced at £6

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Somerset and Dorset Demise by Jeffrey Grayer. £18.50

In commemoration of 55 years since the Somerset and Dorset Railway closed Jeffery Grayer has produced this large book containing 185 colour illustrations. On sale now in the shop at £18.50.

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Somerset photographers 1839 – 1939 by Robin Ansell, Allan Collier and Phil Nichol. £15

This ground-breaking work is not just a dating guide to old photographs, but is also a celebration of Somerset’s photographic history, as seen through the lives and work of nearly 800 photographers. It will appeal to family, local, social and photographic historians, including collectors, as a reliable and indispensable reference source on the subject.

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