In the Alex Hann Exhibition Gallery until August 2022.

Small cabinet exhibitions.

A special cabinet exhibition celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee is on display until late August. This exhibition is curated by Sheila Eyles.

There is also a small exhibition, with historic maps and photographs, about how land in the centre of Radstock has been used over the years.

The Button Hooks exhibition has arrived ( and it is amazing).

Our major Exhibition for 2022, Button Hooks, will run until the end of August.

The exhibition has been collated by Penny Savill of the Button Hook Society who has a vast collection and extensive knowledge of button hooks which were essential for men, women and children buttoning up their shoes and boots. Indeed Martin Horler, one of our Trustees, still uses a button hook regularly when he puts on his Mail Guard leather leggings!

Penny has a lot of experience of exhibiting and has adroitly tailored the exhibition at Radstock Museum to local relevance.

This is a fascinating exhibition whose range of objects far exceeds just buttonhooks and gives a glimpse of life as it was in the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

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